How to be a Better Public Speaker in One Simple Step

how to be a better public speaker in one simple stepThe fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears of most people…

…standing in front of people, all eyes on you can really cause a lot of stress and anxiety. I know, because I’ve been there…in fact, there are still times when I get a little nervous when speaking in front of other people.

One of the reasons why I would get nervous is because my words didn’t always come out the same way as I compiled them in my mind. It was like my mind and mouth were saying two completely different things! It is very frustrating at times…

…there must be a way to become a better public speaker when the words comes out of your mouth, right?!

Well, there is research after research done on this topic and there are many books, lectures, audio programs, and the like that gives us instruction on how to be a better public speaker. But even after we learn and know all of these things, when we actually step up to the microphone that phobia creeps back in…grrr!

How to be a Better Public Speaker

Like I said before, my mind didn’t always communicate with my mouth, which left the words coming out not making sense, which made me appear to be nervous or full of the jitters. I decided to try one simple thing to help me with the words coming out of my mouth…

…every time I read something, I read it aloud. Even now, as I’m typing this post, I am saying aloud what I type.

Getting comfortable with your own voice and how it sounds is one of the first simple steps in becoming a better public speaker. When you’re reading a book, newspaper, magazine, or something online, read it aloud and get used to the sound coming out between your lips. You may even record and playback your own voice to get a more clear picture of being on the receiving end of what you’re saying.

It won’t be too long before you start putting emotion into the things you say and emphasize certain words or phrases to have a more meaningful impact on your audience…or yourself. As you become more confident in your own talk that will actually transmute into being more confident in the actual act of public speaking itself.

How to be a Better Public Speaker

Reading and speaking out loud of the thoughts that come to your mind is just one simple step on the road to become a better public speaker. There are many other things that you can do to develop this skill. A great resource is Dale Carnegie. He has written many books on public speaking that have helped millions of lives become better public speakers. CLICK HERE to see the list of books on and see if any of these are right for you.

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