How to be Productive (A Quick Tip)

how to be productiveThis past Sunday I unknowingly gave myself a lesson in how to be productive.

Here’s the story…

…I was sitting in church (bored) and what do you do when your bored at church?

Pull out your phone and check Facebook right? Well, that got old pretty fast so I started dinking around with some other apps on my phone.

I decided to check out my calendar and review my upcoming schedule for the week. The schedule for Sunday was pretty much empty…

…except for the time slot for church.

I decided to enter into the Sunday schedule of everything I wanted to do for the rest of the day. Church ended at noon and this is what I outlined for the rest of the day:

12-1 PM: Lunch, put kids down for nap
1-3: Evan time in the Man Cave (i.e. my office)
3-5: Make cookies for the neighbors (and myself)…yes, I bake
5-7: Make & prepare dinner (Sunday’s my day)
7-8: Christmas Musical at my church
8-9: Help put the kids to bed
9-11: Watch movie with the wife
11: Retire for the day

After church, something funny happened. I actually started following my schedule, and I followed it to a “T”! As I completed each “appointment” or “task” I felt a sense of empowerment! I felt productive and that made me feel good!!! (Instead of like crap because I didn’t get anything done.)

How to be Productive

WRITE IT DOWN! There is great power in writing down your plan of action. Jim Rohn suggest that at the end of each day we review our schedule and accomplishments for the day and then plan for the next day. He said that you should never begin your day without planning it first. For the day, for the week, for the year, for a month, for a year…etc.

FOLLOW YOUR SCHEDULE! Just writing it down isn’t going to do anything unless you actually follow it! Follow through, keep to your schedule, and get things done! It’s really that easy. Your schedule isn’t going to complete itself. You actually need to get off your butt and do something.

Since that day, I have been more diligent in planning out each day and following the plan. I’ve never felt so productive is such a short amount of time in a very long time! You can guarantee that I will continue the process, be more productive and effective in getting things done! If it can work for me, it can work for you!

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