Stand Up For Freedom and Vote

It’s amazing how history repeats itself.

I found this video on YouTube (see below) by Ezra Taft Benson about standing up for freedom. In 1953, Benson was appointed U.S. Secretary of Agriculture by President Eisenhower. He was an outspoken opponent of communism and socialism…

…the entire five minutes of the clip could apply for our present day and the past several years.

Even more so I’m afraid…

Today is Election Day. I don’t care your party affiliation or your political stance. Stand up for freedom and vote. It’s one of the most important aspects of free society. The people have the choice on who represents us…the beauty of a Republic.

Here’s the video:

Here’s Ezra T. Benson’s Full Speech on Stand Up For Freedom.

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Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!


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