The Right to Be Rich

Right to Be RichAsk yourself this question: “Do I have the right to be rich?

If you’re reading these words I hope you answered YES! to that question and have an open mind willing to learn about some new ideas and open to a new way of thinking…

…because YOU DO have the right to be rich!

The thoughts and ideas I’m about to share aren’t mine…

…they are from a person called Wallace D. Wattles, author of the book The Science of Getting Rich.

It was first published in 1910 and introduced some concepts that weren’t publicly known. When you read the book you’ll learn some astonishing things like, how to:

– Increase Your Life
– Make Riches Come to You
– Use Your Will
– Apply the Law of Gratitude
– Think and Act in the Certain Way
– Get into the Right Business

The book is a clear-cut, practical guide not only acquiring riches, but also advancing personal growth. With its timeless principles, it is the forerunner of every other personal finance and self-help book.

Download a FREE PDF Copy of the book The Science of Getting Rich.

The first chapter of the book is called The Right to Be Rich and want to discuss some of the concepts Wallace Wattles talks about in the following video:

The Right to Be Rich Important Points

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You can claim your right to be rich and live your life to the fullest potential!

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Remember, only YOU have the CHOICE
to make it a great day!

Your Partner in Success,

Evan Scoresby


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