3 Blogging Tips to Make Your Blog Posts Stand Out

blogging tips

These 3 blogging tips will help you make your blog stand out…

…AND keep your readers reading & keep coming back for more!

Having a blog CAN BE a great resource to promote yourself, your business and affiliate offers. But if your content doesn’t ‘appeal to the masses’ you’ll have a difficult time getting anyone to read your stuff.

There’s a lot of blogging tips out there I could share with you, but I picked the top 3 in my opinion that will make it look like a rock star. I break it down in the following video:

3 Blogging Tips to Make Your Blog Posts Stand Out

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3 Blogging Tips to Make Your Blog Posts Stand Out

Here a break down of the 3 blogging tips I outlined in the video that will make your blog stand out among all the other blogs out there. These may seem like ‘elementary’ tips, but are very powerful.

TIP #1 – Use Lots of ‘White Space’ – The fact of the matter is that people have short attention spans nowadays and don’t want to spend a lot of time getting the information they’re looking for…

…especially when the content is put together in ginormous paragraphs with little breaks. It’s hard on the eyes and to follow along.

Instead, only have 1-3 sentences (if that) in paragraphs and have a lot of ‘white space’ to break things up and make your blog post easier to read.

Look at how this blog post you’re reading now uses a lot of white space to get an idea of how it looks and works.

TIP #2 – Use Pictures & Videos – People like pictures and videos. Why do you think YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest and Instagram are so popular?

Make the pictures and videos you use relevant to the blog content. Again, use this blog post as an example. I have a picture at the top and a video explaining what you’re reading here.

blogging tips humor

There’s a good majority of people that would rather watch a video to get information than read words on a webpage. Sometimes you can find funny and entertaining pictures and videos that are relevant to entertain, captivate and coming back for more!

TIP #3 – Use a Signature – Having a signature at the end of your blog post not only brands you and your company, but is a great way to passively market and connect with your readers.

If you notice at the end of this blog post (and any post I do) my signature includes a call to action to like, comment and share the content with their friends…

I also have a picture of myself, my name underneath the picture and usually a link to work with me directly, connect with me on Facebook or on Skype.

Last I have a “P.S.” at the very bottom usually promoting my business opportunity or affiliate offers. It’s statistically proven that “P.S.” content gets read more than the actual blog content. Crazy I know, but it’s true.

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