What’s Your Website Link? (Simple Marketing Tip)

quick marketing tipHave you ever been asked what’s your website link?

Your website link could be for any number of things like you blog, personal website, business, or affiliate products you sell.

For most people who have a personal blog through Blogger or WordPress usually have a website link like http://scoresbyfamily.blogspot.com. I’ve actually seen some really complicated ones out there…

…wouldn’t it be cool and convenient to answer the question with, “It’s scoresbyfamily.com.” Not only is it easier to give to people, but brands you personally and sets yourself up to be a professional.

Now when you get into affiliate programs, (refer someone to a product, make money if they buy), the affiliate links that you use are usually really long and there’s NO WAY you get ever remember the entire link address to give to someone else.

For example, my website here is hosted through GVO. It’s only ten bucks a month, I can host up to four domains, comes with a ton of cool marketing tools including a killer auto-responder. My affiliate link is http://evanscores124.hostthenprofit.com/, which is actually not that bad, but I have found an easier to keep track of all my links…


So instead of giving people “http://evanscores124.hostthenprofit.com/” I tell them to go to gvo.evanscoresby.com and it takes them to the same place.

Through my domain management, Via GoDaddy, I created the sub-domain and had it forward to a web address of my choice! It’s actually very easy to do and can create over 200 sub-domains if needed!

But in order to get sub-domains, you first need to get your own domain. CLICK HERE to get one through GoDaddy. You can usually get one for less than ten bucks for a year!

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