The BEST Potty Training Tip

the best potty training tipOkay…I realize this topic is out of the norm from what I usually blog about, but thought I hold valuable information that could help struggling parents and give them the BEST potty training tip ever!

Before I share with you the BEST potty training tip it’s important to share with you my qualifications to make such a claim.

First, I am a husband to a wonderful wife of over seven years. Second, I am a father of two children…a 4 year old girl, and a 3 year old boy. My daughter has been potty trained since she was 18 months old…my son since he was about 27 months old.

In both cases, it was very easy because of the BEST potty training tip I am about to share.

Also, the reason I’m sharing this tip and blogging about it is because I keep hearing horror story after horror story of parents trying to potty train their kids, and how they absolutely dread it!

I simply do not understand it because I’ve never really experienced it, or my wife. Sure, there were some accidents and a few growing pains, but for the most part our potty training experience was well received.

The BEST Potty Training Tip

When You Go to the Bathroom, Your Child Goes With You.

From the very beginning, whenever you need to use the bathroom yourself, have your child be in the bathroom as well. Most likely they will follow you in there, but this does a couple of things:

1. Your child sees you several times a day going potty.

2. As they start to make the connection, they will want to follow your example.

In both of my children’s cases, by doing this they pretty much self-potty trained and wanted to use the toilet themselves because they constantly saw their mommy and daddy using it. My daughter was a piece of cake…my son took longer, but was also relatively easy.

The BEST Potty Training Tip

Have a Training Potty in Every Bathroom.

This is important because as your are going potty yourself, your child can also “use” their own potty cementing in their mind and making the connection.

There you have it, the BEST potty training tip ever! Test and use it for yourself, and I know it will be a piece of cake!

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